Famous University studying at Kyoto University students.

Coming to Japan to study in and Gordon you lodgings near the same photo circle so close to that.

Gordon-Kun’s naughty types have a interest in the manners and customs of Japan.

Japan woman is naughty and is called “japanese erotic massage: massage me and apparently it has buzz in America.

Was that I want to go to Osaka when it came to Kyoto, Gordon is home entertainment.

And much trouble last weekend abenobashi harukas Observatory and Umeda rabbit my cortex went on day trips for a rejuvenating massage in town.

Become a soapland colleagues in the Customs and not in Osaka.

You look of Shiga ogoto hot springs or Kobe fukuhara Willow streaking was like.

No money go luxury SOAP land, both students from.

But want to experience sex.

Becomes “special” or “escort girl” takes a hotel bill or charges fine.

Eventually became the store type a rejuvenating massage.

-I myself was so interested in the sound of ‘rejuvenating’ or ‘erotic’.

Or get too confident as a man doesn’t mean lost his erection from young to another more and more becomes strong erection? And it was thought as a kind of interesting experiences.

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